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Standing with YB Rafizi Ramli

5th April 2016

YB Rafizi Ramli was arrested in front of Parliament gates about an hour ago. YB Raja Bahrin who witnessed the arrest called me within minutes of the arrest. He said that Rafizi was stopped as he exited Parliament and he was bungled into the back of a police car. Raja Bahrain tried to intervene but was brushed off and the police car then zoomed off. Rafizi was on his way to pick up his baby son from the babysitters. Our thoughts and prayers are with his wife, son and family.

Pakatan Harapan MPs in Parliament are frantically trying to confirm where his whereabouts. The most likely venue is Bukit Aman. In solidarity with Rafizi, we will be gathering in front of Bukit Aman for a peaceful vigil.

Candlelight Vigil

I just came back from Bukit Aman where some Pakatan MPs and about 150 supporters gathered for an impromptu vigil for Rafizi.

At the same time in PKR HQ, some PKR leaders and supporters led by Kak Wan were there to support Rafizi as he was escorted there by the police. Rafizi is looking well and unfazed by the events. The police then proceeded to raid his PKR Secretary General office. He is also expected to be brought to his Pandan Parliamentary office later.

His lawyers are still attempting to free him tonight but that is very unlikely. Meanwhile YB Johari Abdul, Chief whip of PKR is seeking a ruling from Speaker Pandikar Amin to rule against the actions of the police.

7th April 2016

Pakatan Harapan MPs marched from Parliament to Bukit Aman just now in protest of YB Rafizi Ramli’s arrest. The IGP warned us that we may be arrested. The MPs replied “Pecat IGP.”

8 April 2016

Since YB Rafizi Ramli was bundled into the police car 4 days ago in front of the Parliament gates, he has just two books to keep him company. One is the holy Koran and the other is a book about poverty in Malaysia. Yesterday I visited him and tried to pass him the PAC report but was denied.

We are still awaiting Rafizi to come out. He has been granted bail totaling RM 4,000 and we have made payment. We expect him to be released within this hour.


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