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I am in the office today, after taking a day off yesterday to spend time with my family. It was my birthday yesterday. I had an easy day with the kids, we went and bought things for the Christmas party, and then I watched Star Wars last night with my wife, and she is an even bigger fan than I. Tomorrow, my family will dress up in costumes and will be watching the movie again with the Malaysia Star Wars Fan Club members.

I have to be honest; the movie was just OK. Which in the large picture of all things Star Wars, it was not the best way to end a 42 year franchise. Some matters resolved but from a pure storytelling perspective, it was disjointed and a bit manic. Maybe a second viewing will help.

This morning, I had a long discussion with officers and interns on our office focus for 2020. Overall, we will be redirecting our policy focus from domestic economic issues to international relations and international trade policies, in line with my recently formed select committee.

So the morning briefing was to identify some 16 policies and also to discuss budget and related administrative issues. The officers and interns surprised me with a small cake. And Mr. Yang from the SJ Senior Citizens club also dropped by for a chat. I am now out of office, waiting for a meeting with a group of investors from China.


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