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Support for Sister Stella’s Tuition Centre

For all the troubles in Block 2 Desa Mentari, there is an oasis of hope that is Sister Stella’s Tuition Centre.

This low cost, locally based community tuition centre is a super clever outfit. Sister Stella (a Catholic nun) incorporates even yoga to calm kids down. They gained some recognition after my office led by Gillian, proposed to YB Nik’s Exco office, the centre as a workable model to be adopted for all Desa Mentari.

We hope the Exco Education office will carry through and roll out a state policy. 

Today for starters, YB Nik handed over a cheque of RM10,000. Last year my office burst our budget and gave her RM5,000 and we will repeat our contribution again in June this year. Anyone interested in helping out can contact my office via


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