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Talk of Reform and Discussions on the Airwaves

14 October 2019

Every day is a busy day, but today was exceptionally busy. My day started at 6.30 am, with sending my wife to Sentral Station, for her to catch her flight to HK. Then I went straight to BFM for Budget 2020 interview with Prof Rajah Rasiah. After that I rushed back to Parliament, where I gathered 5 MPs to join a meeting with the Venezuelan Ambassador, HE Morello Lopez. Then I had to rush to a Public Accounts Committee meeting with the Auditor General.

This ended just before lunch, where I then had a quick meeting with Dr Radin and wife, Puan Rozita from Canberra. Then lunch was to attend Anwar Ibrahim’s Reform Caucus, and I caught up with my boss for a quick chat on the budget.

Then I went to see the Speaker with YB Arthur Kurup to discuss the formation of a foreign policy committee. Then at 2.30 pm, I had a Kamar Khas hearing with Dr Lee Boon Chye, deputy health minister where he provided answers on the USJ1 Health Clinic. After that I went to the hall to catch up with several MPs from all parties. Lastly, I had a meeting with the Chief Whip to discuss Parliamentary reforms.

Here is the interview that Chuang did with Prof Rajah Rasiah and I, this morning at BFM. I had a good chat with both for half and hour before the interview. Prof and I have met twice before, but this is our first time sharing a platform. I thought we had a good chemistry and that both of us are concerned more or less about similar socio economic things.


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