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Tanjung Piai, Deepavali Lunch and Raymond Koh

17 November 2019

Good morning. Firstly, congratulations to Wee Jeck Seng on a landslide victory in Tanjung Piai. I will write my comments on Tanjung Piai later in the day. For now, let me just record the 7 events I attended since yesterday morning.

I attended one sepak takraw competition, one late dinner with foreign visitors, one Deepavali dinner, one Deepavali lunch, one kids music concert, Pastor Raymond Koh 1,000 days event and also the launching of a new traffic interchange in front of IOI Mall in Kinrara. It was a full day of activities, starting at 8 am and ending at midnight. This morning, the cycle started again.

At the Pastor Raymond Koh event, I gave a short speech about the powers of the Parliamentary committees. Provided that reforms continue, Parliamentary committees can play a more active role to hold the government accountable to their duties to defend and uphold human rights.

At the Deepavali events, I assured the Indian community that some likeminded MPs are still committed to human rights and will fight to amend SOSMA. Justice and human rights, should be carried out by the PH government as a fundamental duty and should not have to wait for criticisms from backbenchers.

Here are some pictures of the events I attended yesterday.


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