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The 1MDB mystery continues…

11th March 2016

A reader informed me that my press conference two days ago on SRC and Najib’s blanket denial made it to the front page of The Sun on Thursday.

Now that we have all been fed a pile of (…..fill in yourself……) on why a donation is not corruption and a convoluted story of an extremely generous mysterious Saudi royal donor, it’s good that the mass media is picking up on this SRC issue.

Because whilst the SRC sum of RM42 million is substantially smaller than RM2.6 billion, the SRC case is a “slam dunk” case because SRC is owned by the Finance Ministry. Najib is the Finance Minsiter and money went into his personal account. If the allegations are true then this is a classic case of criminal breach of trust (CBT). Therefore when Najib gives a blanket denial on SRC to Parliament contrary to Apandi Ali’s official press statement, it’s a sure sign that the SRC story is extremely toxic.

I salute YB Tony Pua and YB Rafizi Ramli on their unrelenting fight on 1MDB and SRC issue.

12th March 2016

After months of speculation, it seems that Zeti’s successor is most likely to be Irwan Serigar. Was this a real surprise? Irwan after all has years of “impeccable financial skills” that come from being an advisor of 1MDB.

With the Bank Negara vs. 1MDB fight still hanging, isn’t this most likely appointment a bit too blatant in terms of conflict of interests? Can anyone believe that Irwan as new Bank Negara Governor, will continue to take a critical stand against 1MDB? My money is on Irwan doing an “Apandi” for Najib.

The big problem is you can bet your bottom dollar that the market will react very negatively to this appointment, if it materialises.


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