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The Accidental Whistle-Blower: How a Retired London Journalist Uncovered Massive Corruption Half a W

My staff informed me yesterday that I have been quoted in a TIME magazine article on Clare Brown, the Sarawak Report hero. I was asked to comment on the matter around 2 months ago and the article has finally made print yesterday.

Here is the link to the article:

And here is my “claim to fame” section


“Interpol has rejected Malaysia’s petition, but Rewcastle Brown, though she affects indifference, is now cautious about where she goes. She has received police protection in London after realizing she was being followed and photographed in Hyde Park. “Despite all the threats and posturing, the government has yet to be able to take any real legal actions against her, presumably because she writes the truth,” says Wong Chen, a bookish, charismatic member of Malaysia’s parliamentary opposition.”


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