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The End of Pakatan Rakyat?

Is this the end of Pakatan Rakyat? I don’t think it is over… not just yet. As they say, it is not over until the fat lady sings. And here, I don’t mean Rosmah.

The last few days have definitely been a major setback and with the current cold war between DAP and PAS, things may get worse. Without Anwar Ibrahim to hold the middle ground, UMNO BN appears to have achieved its political objective.

Malaysia now faces an uncertain scenario where UMNO BN leadership continues to sink to the bottom over 1MDB and on the other side, the Pakatan Rakyat coalition faces probable dissolution.

However all is not lost. Malaysia still have a large chunk of able and dedicated Parliamentarians who will continue to protect the interests of the nation. Even if the Pakatan Rakyat coalition ends, the fight by like-minded MPs against corruption, wastage, poor governance, poor policies and injustice, will continue irrespective.

One thing is certain, in the coming days, weeks and months, Malaysia will look hard and judge the current leaderships from both sides. In times of crisis, we shall see the true colours of our leaders, the differentiation between statesmen and political operators will become clearer.

Lastly, the PKR Party Central Committee will be meeting tomorrow afternoon and Pakatan Rakyat is expected to be the main agenda item for discussion.


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