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The Selangor Water Crisis

There is a full blown water crisis in parts of Subang Jaya. YB Hannah Yeoh and members of the JKP (the real unsung heroes) have been working round the clock to engage Syabas to update affected residents and to send water trucks. They set up a whatsapp group a few days ago with community leaders to monitor the situation and disseminate information. Yesterday morning, they went to Syabas to engage and give suggestions on service improvements.

Last night, I followed her and her team to “turun padang” and helped haul water for residents from water trucks. We also took questions from irate residents at an impromptu town hall. Hannah’s team led by Super Jen worked past midnight and are at work early this morning. We were at USJ 3/4 for a Malaysia Day celebrations but decided to do the minimal appearance (with encouragement from our hosts) and then went to ground zero of the water crisis. It is just not right as public fugures to be celebrating while the people of Selangor are suffering.

Some areas have had water disruptions and low pressure for 4 days, going into the 5th day today. There is a lot to be said about water problems with little short term solutions, as the Selangor govt tries to overhaul the system. This particular episode was caused by two burst pipes about 3 days ago and to make matters worse, yesterday the water treatment plants shut after detecting serious water contamination in the river source. The question on everyone’s mind is for how much longer will there be water disruptions? Everyone is in need of better information from Syabas.


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