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The Selangor Water Crisis and Block 3 Desa Mentari

There is a lot of goings-on at the moment. The water crisis in Subang Jaya is still unfolding. Hannah’s office and all the JKPs are working over time to alleviate the matter.

Despite all the chaos in Subang Jaya, there is a bit of good news coming out of the low cost housing area of Desa Mentari in Seri Setia. I attended the Blok 3 JMB meeting this morning. Desa Mentari is the focus of my office on the issue of “poor economics”. This morning the JMB committee produced their accounts. The committee has shown great dedication and transparency in management and the people have responded positively. The maintenance fees collection rate has reached 140%! This means they have full collection plus 40% back pay.

Haji Halim, the soft spoken chairman who modestly avoids taking any credit has turned around a hopeless case into a shinning example of public housing. My office did the minimal but we provided him clear moral and political support. We never interfered in selection of his committee and constantly reminded him that his entire team can be of any political party, as long as they are elected by the people based on merits. Even if the committee is made entirely of UMNO members, my duty is to support my constituents irrespective of political leaning.

I am tremendously proud of Haji Halim and his team. If the redelineation passes, I will lose the chance to continue to represent them. It’s incredibly disruptive to my job as an MP. My office worked for more than 3 years to build trust with the under privileged community. We are starting to get positive results and the friendship is very personal and real. I am going to my office later to host a redelineation talk by Tindak Malaysia’s PY Wong. I hope we can mount a successful challenge and allow me to continue to serve Desa Mentari.


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