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The Ulama’s Logic

GE 14 is maybe 1 to 2 years away but PAS Ulamas have now signalled their intentions. According to Mustafa Ali, (the new elections chief of PAS Ulamas), PAS will not form a coalition with UMNO-BN but will nevertheless field candidates against DAP in urban seats.

Since most DAP seats are against MCA or Gerakan, what it means is PAS Ulamas will be indirectly helping UMNO BN to win seats. We from PKR, had a taste of this 3 corner fight “strategy” of Hadi Awang in Kota Damansara in GE13, handing the seat over to UMNO.

And in the same breath, the PAS Ulamas still believe Pakatan Rakyat is alive and well after (yet again) ending ties with DAP two days ago. The Ulamas’ logic is MB Selangor has not said Pakatan Rakyat is dead, therefore Pakatan Rakyat is well and alive.

There is a complete dearth of logic and basic principles at play. No wonder people are just down right fed up of both BN and Opposition politics. As the people struggle to cope with GST and bills and as the country slide into economic despair and racial tensions, some politicians are more interested in self preservation than serving the rakyat.


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