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The Valuers, Appraisers and Estate Agents (Amendment) Bill 2017 and the Employment Insurance System

Thank you for all your comments and suggestions on my last posting regarding the valuers bill. I have received calls from both valuers and also property managers on this issue.

Note that for every debate in Parliament there should be at least 2 different points of view, if not multiple views. By debating properly, MPs discharge our fundamental duty to the nation and advance the law-making process.

However in Malaysia, the process is subverted by the manner and speed in which laws are being rammed through. It is also subverted by the government withholding crucial stats and facts so that MPs cannot fully debate on laws.

This is the crux of my complaints with the government regarding the bill, that the BN government is trying to ram through the valuers and property manager bill without disclosures of data.

Last Wednesday, I demanded the Minister of Finance to disclose actuarial data on the proposed Employment Insurance System bill. I pointed out that my calculations on the contribution and payout concluded that both the workers and employers are being made to pay much more than reasonable. Hence the bill is not meant to help the workers but is in fact a form of taxation.

I am very happy to note that this morning, the Second Minister of Finance has decided to delay the EIS bill “to discuss more with stakeholders”. I salute the Minister Johari Ghani for making the right decision and not blindly ramming through the bill. It takes guts to admit that something is amiss even though the bill is at the final stage.

I take this bit of news as a victory for Malaysia and a validation of the constant legislative research work that my office put in. Against all odds, we can still make a difference.

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