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Time to get the 2017 Ball Rolling

Good morning folks. It’s our second day of work in the new year. We had a meeting yesterday to set the immediate agenda this week. Today and the rest of this week, we will be focusing on setting plans for the year.

I must say that it is good to be back at work. I did a lot of DIY work during the holidays and we sort of reorganised the house and basically decluttered. We did a few short excursions but mostly focused on home improvements. For a week, I basically ignored the handphone. It was nice to be off the grid but it has also made me more contemplative about the future.

Anyhow, the office is refreshed and ready for the year ahead. We are also going to issue our biannual newsletter in the next few days. Nadirah has completed the first draft and Tania and Abigail are proof reading and editing.


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