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UK: A trip down memory lane

4 February 2016

Yesterday morning Rafizi Ramli and I went to a meeting at the Foreign Office. Then we took a train to Coventry then a taxi to Warwick University.

I graduated from Warwick in 1991, 25 years ago. I didn’t expect my return trip to be so emotional. I have fond memories of my 3 years there. I went around like a child in Disneyland visiting and taking photos of the campus, tocil lake, the cone, benefactors, law school, arts centre.

After my trip down memory lane, we got down to meeting Malaysian students. We had a good crowd of 120 and did 2 sessions, in total about 3 hours of talks. Rafizi and I came out fully energised by the experience. The students do care, what they must do next is to organise and act.


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