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UK General Elections

13 December 2019

News are coming in of a landslide victory for Boris Johnson. Exit poll predicts a 86 majority for the Conservatives. Final results in the next few hours. Jeremy Corbyn will most likely resign from Labour leadership.

I had predicted a Johnson win but not with a majority, and that he will have to struggle to form a coalition government. Well, it appears that voters are so much harder to read nowadays. This was also the case in Tanjung Piai!

Voters are angrier than ever around the world. Like Trump, Boris is not an exemplary leader. But voters are looking for decisions and leadership. There seems to be little room for political correctness and niceties.

There are global anxieties from climate change to inequality, which ironically is perpetuated largely by the Trumps and Borises of the world. Voters believe that any leadership is better than the tired, old system that has failed. My big fear is this right wing resurgence may make things worse.


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