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Update: Pakatan Harapan Convention (Part 3)

In the last hour of the convention, Pakatan Harapan made the following three major announcements:

1. PM designate will be Dr. Mahathir and Dato Seri Wan Azizah as the DPM designate;

2. Upon winning GE14, Pakatan Harapan will immediate seek a full royal pardon for Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim and make him the immediate PM designate; and

3. All the Parliamentary West Malaysian seats have been settled with Bersatu to contest in 52 seats, PKR 51 seats, DAP 35 seats and Amanah 27 seats.

These are very significant announcements as they put an end to the disruptive ambitions of a pretender, resolves cleanly the history of Anwar & Mahathir and galvanised most of the Pakatan Harapan leaders to unite and prepare for GE14.

Kak Wan gave an emotional speech and Dr. Mahathir reciprocated by acknowledging the pain the Anwar family had to endure when Anwar was put in jail during his rule. Those in attendance were deeply touched by both speeches. It was a genuine and heartfelt reconciliation of the two leaders.

The earliest likely date for GE14 is late April or early May. The seat settlement in West Malaysia means that Pakatan Harapan can now concentrate and mobilise resources for at least 4 months ahead of GE14. In comparison, for GE13 seat negotiations went on until the 11th hour and even after agreement, PAS still reneged on 3 seats. In short, we are much more united and prepared this coming GE without PAS.

On the issue of PAS, Tan Sri Muhyiddin concluded that the boat has sailed for PAS to join Pakatan Harapan. He said PAS is committed to “berkhalwat” (close proximity) with UMNO/BN.

So for all the propaganda that the Opposition cannot bury the past and that we cannot negotiate in good faith, well today we have proven BN completely wrong. Najib, Rosmah and whoever who still wants to negotiate with PAS will have sleepless nights.

I went to the convention with low expectations and left fully rejuvenated and ready to take on UMNO/BN. Lawan tetap lawan!


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