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updates for the day

On the 8th of July, I arrived in Parliament at 8.10 am and started by preparing my documents for the day. Most curious is an embargoed document on the Sabah redelineation map by the Election Commission. At 9 am, the PAC had a closed-door pre-counsel breakfast meeting to look into the stolen GST money allegations made by YB Lim Guan Eng. The meeting went on for more than 2 hours. Thereafter, the PAC members joined the larger PAC council with civil servants at 11.30 am. In the interim, I have been informed by the protocol department of Parliament that my US work visa has been approved. As such, I will be flying to New York tomorrow (9th of July) to join a panel of international legislators in the United Nations for a high-level SDG 16 forum on Thursday. I will be talking and answering questions on Parliamentary reforms. This UN event is paid by the UK government, and my attendance is endorsed by Parlimen Malaysia. I will spend two and a half days in New York then will rush back to resume Parliament next Monday. I will miss three days of Parliament this week.


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