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Updates from aipa

28th of August- From 3 pm to 5 pm, I led the Malaysian team for the joint communique documentation exercise. This is the last leg of the substantive part of the entire conference, where the official and final summation of all the resolutions and decisions are studied line by line, negotiated upon and finally agreed by the delegates. Joining me for Malaysia were YB Kashturi Patto and YB Syed Ibrahim. In all, Malaysia made eight substantive and technical recommendations and variations to the final document. This final document will be used tomorrow for the closing ceremony.

At 6 pm, we boarded the bus to the Embassy of Malaysia for dinner with the Malaysian diaspora. We were stuck in traffic for an hour (jam hour) and as such we practiced in the bus, the song that we will perform tomorrow at the closing ceremony dinner.

It is traditional that at the end of every AIPA conference, every single ASEAN nation, is expected to perform a song or dance. This year we tasked YB Hanifa of Mukah to be in charge of music and YB Mastura of Kuala Langat to be in charge of choreography.

After dinner in the Embassy, we spent about two hours rehearsing our song and dance. Aa such we got back late to the hotel.

Tomorrow, I have another busy day; (a) closing ceremony documents from 9 a.m to 11 a. m, (b) a side meeting with Norwegians at 11.30 a.m but this time on human rights, (c) a 5 hour APHR meeting in the Sheraton, then (d) finally the farewell dinner.


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