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updates from bangkok

It is 11 pm Bangkok time. We arrived late due to some flight issues and got in to the hotel at 7 pm. I unpacked and went to the dinner hosted by the Thai Deputy Speaker. I caught up with the Vietnamese and Burmese MPs that came to my house for dinner and durian in July. I also caught up with the Cambodians and Singaporeans too. Did not manage to see my friends from Brunei, Thailand or Indonesia.

After dinner (I ate very little, my stomach still somewhat unwell), YB Syed Ibrahim, Senator Bob and I, invited Hon. Pritam Singh (Singaporean Opposition Leader) to join us to go to tailors at MBK. We took a grab, got to MBK and found the tailor recommended by Syed’s wife. We had suits and shirts made. Cheaper than KL by 30%. Then we took the MRT, called BTS here, back to the hotel.

Tomorrow, the conference will begin proper at 9 am, officiated by former Thai PM, Chuan Leekpai.


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