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Updates from Parliament

8th October 2019

Reporting from Parliament. Another busy day for me. Tomorrow promises to be a slightly slower pace for me.

This morning at 9.50 am, I had a talk with the MITI Timbalan KSU on RCEP. Then I went to introduce Subang Jaya Buddhist Association members to my friend, Dato Dr Marzuki. Marzuki and I worked together for a year on PH policies and manifesto. I also had a quick chat with HE Gunn, the Norwegian Ambassador.

Then I rushed to the RCEP briefing and caught up with Darrell Leiking. Then rush back to the main building for a PAC hearing. After 2 hours of PAC hearing, I had lunch with my wife at the Lake Club. After lunch, I worked on my budget speech with Alethea and new intern Joyce. Then back to the hall where the anti fake news repeal bill is being debated. We will end the day at 5.30 pm.


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