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Updates from Taipei – part 2

5th of August – End of Day 2 in Taipei. The Taiwan Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) organised in early morning, a visit to Tzu Chi Foundation recycling centre. We observed their recycling efforts and also discussed climate change. The volunteers at the foundation were very engaging. I was most impressed by their dedication to make the world greener.

After that, we had lunch with Madam Francis Lee from MoFA, and Dr Shawn Chang from Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). In this very formal work meeting, I discussed geo-political issues at length with Madam Lee. I also spoke about climate change with Shawn and his EPA team.

At 3pm, the forum formally started with organisational and administrative notes and the finalising of the conference timetable. I met and had good short talks with delegates from Thailand, Solomon Islands, Mongolia, Japan and Taiwan.

After that we had a formal welcome dinner hosted by the Taiwan Speaker. This dinner was very fun, with live music and dancing. After the formal but fun dinner, our host took us to Shilin night market where I met up my former volunteer, Apsara. Apsara is pursuing her Mandarin course in Taipei. I will write about the Shilin street market food experience in a separate posting.


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