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updates from taipei – part 4

7th of August – Good morning from Taipei. This is our last day here and we will be taking the 3 pm flight back to KL. This morning, we had a breakfast meeting with HE Ambassador Ger. I met Ambassador Ger last month in Kuala Lumpur. This was a very good follow up meeting and our team asked many public policy questions. We have much to learn from Taiwan on matters regarding the environment, agriculture, SME and trade.

YB Hassan asked about the Taiwanese approach to chemical spills, so that he can bring back some fresh ideas for Pasir Gudang. YB Jugah asked about agricultural and land reform policies. Ambassador Ger was very interested to learn more about Sarawak culture. I asked about trade economics, SME and price controls.

We will be leaving early before the conference ends, as we will not be a signatory to the joint communique. Our role here is to observe and network with MPs of Pacific islands on climate change. On that front, I am happy to report that I have developed a good relationship with MPs from the Solomon Islands. I also met and struck up a freindship with Mr Klaikong (Future Forward Party) from Thailand. Thailand, like Malaysia is also here as observers.

Yesterday, at the official dinner I sat next to the head of delegation from Mongolia, Mr. Sukhbat. He explained to me that he owned 500 horses and was the Grand National Wrestling Champion of Mongolia. Another Mongolian MP, a direct descendant of Ghenghis Khan gave us a mini concert of traditional songs. I am not particularly fond of conferences (I don’t like the long hours flying), but occasionally these special encounters are simply priceless.

We also managed to catch up with Sharon Ho, officer from the Malaysian office here in Taipei. Sharon provided invaluable support to us during our 3 days here. Lastly, we are grateful to the Taiwanese for their tremendous hospitality. A big thank you to Juliet Chu for being a great local guide.


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