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Updates on Asset Declaration

Alas, Asset Declaration has finally taken place and SPRM has finally published the findings of this exercise! Below is a post from YB Wong Chen’s Facebook page on his thoughts with regards to Asset Declaration.

“The asset declaration exercise of Pakatan MPs has finally been updated to include their assets. Initially the website only published the incomes. After 3 weeks, SPRM has finally rectified the issue.

Apparently, there are still some PH MPs who have yet to make their declaration. MPs were given 3 months to prepare their assets and accounts. More importantly, when will we see the assets of MPs from Barisan Nasional, GPS, PAS and independents?

I also note that if we use best practices; the spouses and children above 21 years old, of MPs have to also publicly declare their assets. This is to prevent MPs “parking” their assets under their wife or adult children.

Lastly, senior government officials and GLC bosses have to also publicly declare their assets. Let’s hope this will be the next wave of declarations. Being transparent, is the very first step to fighting corruption. Well done SPRM!”

If you’re interested in reading the published results, visit the website at


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