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Visitors From Princeton and Kamar Khas Hearing

30 October 2019

In Parliament today, ministers and deputy ministers are answering policy points raised by MPs in their speeches. Most of our time is spent waiting for their policy responses. Today, I had a sideline meeting with Alex and Theo, American graduate students from Princeton. They are here to interview people on China’s BRI projects in Malaysia.

I also had my Kamar Khas hearing. The Kamar Khas is an avenue for MPs to ask ministers on local constituency matters involving federal government powers. I asked the JKR minister, YB Baru Bian to do a traffic study and build a traffic light system for the infamous ss15 roundabout.

The public works minister said that while the roundabout is indeed under its jurisdiction, they need to consult with MPSJ in order to install traffic lights and will consider the findings from a traffic study.

Attending the Kamar Khas hearing was YB Noraini, the PAC Chairperson. She was there to ask a question on halal hub in her constituency.

As for tonight, I will not be in for Service Night. It is my daughter’s birthday and we will have a simple family dinner.

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