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Welfare Month: Mission Accomplished

This is an interim summary report of our Bulan Kebajikan program. After the successful resolution with the Selangor government on our community spending, we re-started our Bulan Kebajikan program on 14th August 2017 and ran it for two extra weeks. The program officially ended last Friday on 25th August 2017.

Our office pride ourselves in being fully transparent and professional. We keep comprehensive records and data entry every single sen of our community spending. The next 3 days or so will be spent reviewing and then allocating the funds to successful applicants.

After crunching the initial numbers this morning, we now present our short summary (please see attached table).

Thank you to all the summer interns who did a fantastic job interviewing all 525 applicants. Thank you to all the staff who led, mentored and supervised the interns. All of you demonstrated the right balance of empathy and professionalism. Although the stories of urban poverty are always heartbreaking, you all showed good composure to get the task done. Some of you went the extra mile to interview incapacitated applicants at their homes.


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