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White Paper on ISIS Threat

PM Najib read his white paper on ISIS. Then as Anwar Ibrahim stood to speak, Najib made a quick exit. Typical of Najib, Mr. Read and Run. At least DPM Muhyiddin has the courtesy to sit through the debate.

Why is the ISIS white paper (white paper is not law but a position paper that may lead to a new legislation) being discussed? Will this herald a series of tougher anti-democratic laws, which is what Noh Omar is suggesting, to bring back more ISA type laws. Or is this white paper supposed to be a PR whitewash of Najib’s gaff that UMNO should be more like ISIS?

Whatever the story behind this, I am shocked that this Parliament document has graphic pictures of beheadings and executions included. It is of extremely poor taste. Is a Parliament document the same level as a sensationalist tabloid paper?


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