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YB Chua, please stop making statements

Last Parliamentary sitting, I clashed with Deputy Finance Minister Chua Tee Yong on two occasions. Both clashes exposed the depth of his understanding on the subject matter. Unfortunately, very shallow.

First, he spent 10 minutes waxing lyrically about how the LHDN was performing better after privatisation, only to realise later when I reminded him that LHDN has never ever been privatised.

The other issue was on debt to equity swaps of MDV and Prasarana, to which he was completed clueless as to what a debt to equity swap was.

Anyway, now he has come out to defend 1MDB’s RM2 billion loan extension no.3, suggesting that the extension is some sort of sign of confidence from the banks. For the sake of salvaging what little reputation the Ministry of Finance has, please YB Chua, please stop making statements.


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