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YB Darell Leiking

Our office will be closed tomorrow as we head towards the last day of campaigning in Kuala Kangsar. Earlier today YB Darell Leiking, MP for Penampang, Sabah (PKR) dropped by my office for a chat. My staff are very close to him having met him on many occasions in Parliament.

Darell is a humourous and friendly MP. All the Parliamentary staff and workers love him. He is also a principled man. On Sabah matters, he is uncompromising and at times his views can be caustic by our standards. If I was a Sabahan and with Sabah being in such a terrible state (poverty, illegals and piracy) I imagine that I too will be tough on issues.

We get along very well because of our professional lawyer background but also because we like to eat! I presented him my movie night t-shirt, and he sportingly put it on.


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