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YB Lim Kit Siang’s six-month suspension

The big story in Parliament today is the move by PM Department YB Azalina Othman’s motion to suspend YB Lim Kit Siang for 6 months for allegedly insulting the Speaker. Kit allegedly called the Speaker a dictator. This motion will take place at 11.30 am.


A very heated debate is raging in Parliament over Kit Siang’s suspension. The Opposition is putting up strong arguments led by YB Gobind Singh. The government in reply sent Bintulu Tiong to argue their position. With all due respect, YB Tiong King Sing can hardly speak properly what more raise any legal point. BN is just so short on talent that it is astoundingly embarrassing.

Kit Siang speaks now. He says he has been in Parliament for 40 years. By suspending him today, it will be an act of contempt to the speakers office and Parliament itself. He reiterates this is a sabotage to 1MDB investigations. YB Kit is going down fighting. We are all behind him.

Kit says, my fate is sealed but if my suspension can make the people realise, then I am satisfied. The Opposition MPs break into wild applause. Kit says he is the latest victim of a long list of 1MDB casualties. Let my suspension bring the downfall of BN. All Opposition MPs stand to giving him an ovation.

Parliament calls for a belah bagi headcount. BN 107 Opposition 77. Kit can’t vote. YB Kit Siang is suspended for 6 months.



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