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Your Questions, Please

Good morning! It’s Nadirah, reporting for duty. Just a little announcement, the office will be closed for most of the morning today—Tania and I are doing some community work in Desa Mentari and are dragging all of our interns along with us. Updates will follow later!

In the meantime, our interns collaborated and came up with a short write-up (lead by Ivan) and quotes on their first experience witnessing Wong Chen delivering a press conference.

Hey everyone, Ivan the Intern here, posting on this page for the first time. Last Friday, Wong Chen did a press conference to clarify and answer questions regarding the issue on the freezing of the office community spending.

There was a great turnout of reporters, around 20 reporters from different news agencies. They even asked boss some questions regarding the issue and how he is going about it. The room was so packed that I could not even squeeze inside. I had to tip-toe behind the reporters to clearly see the press conference. Thankfully, Nadira managed to enter the room and took great photos of boss giving the press statement!

I was amazed to see how boss answered the reporters’ questions with ease. It was also intense to see him answering those questions with so much conviction. He was clearly standing up for his principles of being transparent and accountable rather than hiding behind closed doors.

It’s nice to see an MP standing up for his principles and will not waver even when faced with the current adversity.

Quotes from the rest:

Paul Mae: “The audit ap-PAUL-ling but the press statement was a-MAE-zing.” (She was ignored for five minutes afterwards)

Leann: “Why is this happening.”

Megan: “The audit will be SPRING-ing soon. Cause you know, we got FROZEN.” (She joined Paul Mae in her timeout corner)


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