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Fight the Good Fight, Brawler, and Lifeguard!

Yesterday we said goobye to our interns Louise and Eric. They are the last of our summer interns.

Eric will be going back to UK to continue his law degree. Louise will be joining INVOKE Malaysia as a full time staffer doing policy research and volunteerism.

Eric, a fomer intern of Rafizi’s has a big heart and is well liked by all. His research on police reforms and behavioural economics of GRO are the stuff of legend. Funny, capable and dedicated, he completed the Subang rundespite nursing a massive hangover. We will definitely miss him!

Louise came with an impeccable CV and credentials. We were somewhat overwhelmed by her initial corporate like image but she sooned settled in to jeans, sneakers and slouching on the sofa, like the rest of us. Sharp, smart, eager to learn and has an inquisitive mind, Louise is the real deal. She also emerged as the Pokemon master of the office, by a very wide margin. Since we have no more positions to fill, we are proud to send her off to Rafizi’s Invoke Malaysia camp!

Nadirah and Abigail, in keeping up with the tradition started by Amir, presented the interns their P104 army tags. We wish both the very best and we expect them to make Malaysia better for all.




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