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Keep Up the Charm, 007!

Anton completed his internship yesterday after serving the community for a month. He demonstrated good ability and dedication at both community and research work.

Tall and handsome, we intended to deploy him to charm the aunties of Kelana Jaya, particularly those with umarried daughters. He proved to be so much more, displaying empathy and a genuine desire to help the poor. He also charmed the office. He was so smooth, Abigail and Nadirah called him 007. We wish Anton the very best in his future endeavours. We hope he becomes an accountant with a heart to serve the people.

We expect to see him on Monday community service nights as a volunteer. The thing about the P104 office is you never leave once you check in. Like the Hotel California, except we are on the good side. Good Luck and all the best Anton!


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