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We’ll Miss You Heaps, Chopper!

Wei Ying completed her internship yesterday after one and a half month at our office. We took her in after reading her impressive CV where she described her work experience in an ice cream shop!

She fit right into our progressive office culture. Abigail and Nadirah describes her as a model daughter they would like to have one day. Of course that means I have to marry off my two capable staff first!

Wei Ying did welfare interviews, provided legal advice, did policy research,added great ideas to our policies, did site visits, helped to organise a medical camp and did office admin work too. She’s bubbly, intelligent and fast yet efficient. She was so fast at stamping hundreds of documents, the staff nicknamed her “Chopper”. We also taught her to play ping pong (our conference table turns ping pong table during lunch) and she picked it up quickly. There is no stopping our chopper.

We salute Poon “Chopper” Wei Ying for her service to the community and her dedication to make Malaysia better for all!


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