Program Penerangan: Rakyat Hakim Negara

This morning Parliament resumes.

I met up with YB Charles Santiago (DAP) and YB Raja Bahrin (PAS) for a quick breakfast before the start of the session. We talked about several issues including Anwar’s final trial on Tuesday and Wednesday.

If Anwar goes to jail, Pakatan Rakyat MPs will have to agree on a new Opposition Leader.

Later tonight, on the eve before Anwar’s trial there are 3 events; the Akta Hasutan dinner in MBPJ, the UM students gathering and PKR Youth Subang Jaya 3k stadium. Together with Nik Nazmi and Hannah Yeoh, I will be in the 3k stadium event which starts at 8pm. The event will feature several Pakatan Rakyat leaders. Anwar Ibrahim will also be there to deliver a message to the rakyat.



Selamat Menyambut Awal Muharram

Selamat menyambut Awal Muharram kepada semua.

Semalam saya bersama En. Halimey, Ahli Majlis MBPJ telah melawat Haji Rejab Ahmad, pengerusi surau PJS8 di Pusat Perubatan Universiti Malaya. Keadaan beliau kini stabil selepas operasi saraf yang kritikal. Kami sempat berjumpa doktornya dan kami diberitahu ada harapan Haji Rejab dapat pulih sempurna.

Saya baru berkenalan dengan Haji Rejab bulan lalu. Beliau telah datang ke pejabat saya untuk bertemu dan berbincang dengan paderi gereja di PJS8 dan kehadiran beliau adalah langkah penting memupuk perpaduan komuniti di PJS8.

Semoga Haji Rejab pulih sempurna secepat mungkin.


The Honour of A Man

I have been reading Nassim Taleb’s book Antifragile since 2 months ago. I try to do 20 minutes of reading before I sleep and my pile of bedside books keep piling up. My reading of Antifragile was somewhat abruptly stopped when I gave Rafizi my copy 2 weeks ago at the Budget Forum. I introduced the book and told him to keep it. I now vaguely remember a quote from the book that goes something like this:

The honour of a man is truly tested when his personal safety is at stake.



Due to the Pakatan Rakyat Budget, I have been spending a lot more time with Anwar Ibrahim lately. Ironically, since becoming an MP, our meetings have lessen and become more formal, taking place in Parliament or at official party meetings. For those who have attended one or two of his ceramahs, you will think of him as a powerful orator. His more die hard fans will note his sense of humour. For us who work with him, we enjoy his generosity, wit and honour. Despite facing possible incarceration next week, we witnessed all these in abundance during the Budget sessions in his office and home.

Before politics, I was a corporate lawyer and dealt mostly with alpha male types. Anwar is not a typical big boss. He sees the funny side of life. He mentors and leads us. He is also tough and I have been reprimanded a few times for political mistakes. He has no bitterness despite being jailed for six years. He is committed in leading us as brothers in arms, to bring down a corrupt regime and make Malaysia better. He earns our respect not by fear but by his generosity of spirit. Recently, he knew I worked hard on the Income Tax issue and told me to drive home the victory on the investment panel. He gave me, a first time backbench MP, a day of glory in Parliament. He has an instinctive sense of fairness. He is an honourable man.

Next Tuesday and Wednesday (28th & 29th October), I will be in Putrajaya to support him. At stake is not so much his liberty, at stake is justice in Malaysia. For that, I urge you to join me. For those working, apply for your leave today and join me in prayers of hope in Putrajaya.



Mrs Subbamma

Two weeks ago, Mrs Subbamma came into my office seeking funds to kick start her small business. She wants to make confectioneries and sell them around the Subang Jaya area. However, she is seriously struggling to find the capital and my yearly community allocation has been fully exhausted.

Mrs Subbamma became a single mother when her husband passed away 12 years ago. She has an 18 year old son who is currently looking to enroll in university. As the sole breadwinner, Mrs Subbamma understands her responsibilities and wants to be able to provide for her family by starting this business. I believe she is a tough single mother who is showing good initiative.

Since my office is unable to provide her the assistance, my staff has instead helped her come up with a simple business plan for the purpose of acquiring a RM 4,000 loan from those who are willing to help.

I believe it is important to cultivate financial skills rather than create a culture that relies on free handouts and that is why I have chosen to turn to the public in the hopes that someone will be able to provide her a loan that will be fully paid back.

The details of how she will spend this money is listed in the business plan which can be seen more clearly here:

Please do not hesitate to contact my staff Timothy at if you have any questions.



Back Home

It’s good to be back! I got back yesterday evening and went straight to bed.

Perth is nice. The weather is great, the parks are well kept and the seafood excellent. Greater Perth has about 2 million population and about 23,000 Malaysians living there. With YB Nik Nazmi and Melissa PKR Youth, we had a meet the community event with a small crowd of 30 people in a suburb 2 nights ago. I also took time off to visit my uncle and his family and also catch up with some friends.



With Perth residents, YB Nik Nazmi, and Melissa Sasidaran.

I have a busy day today to catch up on work, TPPA issues, Parliamentary speeches and party preparations for Anwar Ibrahim’s final trial next week 28th and 29th October. It’s going to be a trying and challenging time for all as we have to prepare for the worst case scenario of losing our leader.


PKR Perth Lecture Tour

I am at KLIA 2 on the way to Perth for 5 days. Parliament is closed from tomorrow for 10 days. I will be attending a PKR event to meet Malaysians studying and residing there. I am also taking the opportunity to have some rest, catch up with relatives and friends living in Perth.

If you have friends in Perth do let them know that we will be having a forum on Monday night 7pm at Collins Street Centre, South Perth.


Lastly, I will not likely be posting much the next 5 to 6 days. So here is an advance Happy Deepavali and Happy Awal Muharram to all!


Bar Council Anti-Sedition March



Bersih and lawyers carried out their anti-sedition march to Parliament from Padang Merbok. Pakatan Rakyat MPs were on standby to receive them at the Parliament gate to sign in the leaders of the march.


Supporters with YB Sim, YB Gooi, YB Darell Leiking, Akmal and myself



The Bar Council representatives officially handed over the memorandum to Minister Mah, the minister without portfolio in the PM Department. Nice words were exchanged and Minister spoke for a minute and then said he will not join the press conference. Group photos taken.



Selangor Select Committee on Deceptive Land Transfers and Re-zoning


The Sun, 16 October 2014


Good news this morning for my constituents especially those living near the PKNS field. My friend Esham, a vocal resident and critic on the matter, should be pleased.

The Sun newspaper this morning reports that a powerful select committee on local councils will grill and expose deceptive land transfer and rezoning activities. The PKNS field fraudulent rezoning matter is widely reported and known, but the previous MB failed to take any actions on the matter in 6 years.

I congratulate the new MB Azmin Ali for standing up for truth and justice and I want the culprits involved in this fraud to be punished severely.

To safeguard the overall reputation of the civil service, it is time that we discipline the errant and corrupt civil servants at the very top.

In my one and a half years as MP, I find most lower ranking civil servants to be honest but I get a lot of complaints from them of funny dealings at the top. But back then the “best ever” MB Khalid had decided to support the civil servants and not allow politicians to “interfere”. As a result, the civil servants only report to him and if you demand action, they just laughed and ignored you.

In particular, I am extremely sore over the lift repairs in low cost flats in Desa Mentari which repair costs are RM120,000 to RM150,000 each lift! And it took them 4 months to approve the repairs. Last year, a simple cement walking track was also built in a common field and I was told it cost RM200,000. When I met local contractors they tell me they could do it for RM80,000.

The next thing MB Azmin Ali needs to do is to roll out a robust procurement policy for Selangor.

The Sun, 16 October 2014

The Sun, 16 October 2014

In the same Sun newspaper today, it is reported that the MACC is now investigating MB Azmin over his position in PKNS. Tit for tat? I think the federal government must be sweating bullets on how MB Azmin Ali has taken on his new job with vigour, Jokowi style.