Recent Events: Funds for Selangor Schools & My Final Dialogue Session for 2014

Here is a short round up of events the last few days.

Thursday night, I was with YB Nik Nazmi in ss15 Subang Jaya to present Selangor Govt Education support cheques to Tamil Schools in the state. I have been told that for next year the allocation is RM4 million for Tamil Schools, RM6 million for Chinese and Agama schools. The allocation is based in the number of schools and needs.


YB Nik Nazmi at SS15

Then on Friday, I had two meetings, one with MB YAB Azmin Ali and several Selangor Pakatan leaders. Then I had another meeting with oil and gas people. The Pakatan meeting requested by YB Gobind is expected to be a monthly fixture. The aim is so that MPs are in the loop on state matters.

The oil and gas discussion dealt with what to expect fiscally, if the new norm is USD50. My office has been working on models and assumptions the last 2 weeks; in the best case scenario the BN govt will be short of RM12 billion and worst case RM40 billion. A lot depends on the length of existing natural gas supply contracts and corresponding reduction in oil and gas production costs.

Last night, I had my Parliamentary dialogue in Masjid Kampung Lindungan. After every Parliamentary session, I will have an open dialogue with my constituents on recent events in Parliament. We rotate venues between Seri Setia and Subang Jaya. So last night was Seri Setia’s turn. We had a crowd of 150 pax and I answered around 35 questions in a 1.5 hours session. Then we had a late night supper of sup tulang and murtabak till 11.15 pm with the Ustaz and the Masjid’s committee members.



CSR Program helps Family of 6

Last week Ustaz Mutalib of Block 3 Desa Mentari came to my office for an interview.

We then matched him to a CSR fund set up by my old university buddy, Keen.

The Ustaz needed help as he has 4 kids below 12 and his salary is below RM1,300 a month. In addition, his wife is unwell and unable to care for the children. The Ustaz was referred to us by Azzim, chairman of JMB Block 3. After matching with Keen’s office, and Ustaz and family came to receive a cheque from us.


Ustaz’s family with my staff, Timothy

Renovations begin for Tabika in Desa Ria

We have started work on minor repairs and improvements to Tabika Desaria. Our fantastic donors have raised about RM15,000 cash to install 2 ventilation fans, install tiles (now just concrete floor), painting and repair of toilets. Some donors have offered free labour equivalent to RM5,000 worth.

I am happy to report that the ventilation fans have been installed. I shall update the progress of work in the coming 2 weeks. Work should complete on the 15th of December.



SS5 Halal Micro-business Food Exhibition

I was in ss5 dewan this morning to officiate a halal micro business food event organised by my friend Azaharee. They had about 17 booths with food and beverages. I ate sparingly but after 17 booths, it felt like I had just makan two lunches.

The event was well attended and is suppose to be a networking event of producers and retailers. Good luck to all the participants!




Ideas on Foreign Policy

This morning, I am attending a lecture on Malaysian foreign policy by my neighbour and good friend Prof Dr Anthony Milner.

I didn’t realise that the event is so fancy with the Sultan of Perak attending. Anyhow, its good to attend a function full of academics (I am the only politician here). I got to exchange ideas on foreign policies minus the political spins. A few academics gave some clever views and I learnt quite a bit of insider news about China and Indonesia.


USJ 1 Breast Cancer Awareness Program

Yesterday BCWA and my office did a joint breast cancer examination and awareness program in USJ 1/ Angsana. We held it in Masjid Al-Irsyad with the help of the Nazir, Ustaz Nazrul and the Masjid women committee led by Puan Sadiqah. It’s very generous of the Masjid to allow us to use their hall.

We screened some 100 plus women. This is our second program with the Breast Cancer Welfare Association. Next year, we aim to roll out 4 programs a year, especially in the underprivileged parts of Kelana Jaya.