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Member of Parliament for Subang.






Bantuan Kebajikan Covid-19

50 households assisted

The P104 office spent RM 50,000 on emergency COVID-19 bereavement to assist families who have lost their family members due to COVID-19. We had a total of 50 recipients for this fund.

Bantuan Kebajikan Subang (Contactless Voucher Programme)

262 vouchers distributed

With the Federal Government budget slashed to zero after the Sheraton Move, Wong Chen insisted that P104 continued to serve the constituency, especially the poor in the area. After much work, he managed to raise a total of RM217,500 to be distributed as welfare aid.

When the COVID-19 lockdown started, the P104 office immediately went into emergency mode as Wong Chen wanted the most efficient method to reach the people of Subang without compromising the safety of the volunteers. The team came up with the Contacless Voucher Program (which was later renamed as Bantuan Kebajikan Subang). This program has an airtight screening system that was all done via phone and crossed checked with the office's extensive internal welfare database and the database from Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat.

Eligible recipients are then contacted to confirm their postal delivery information. Cash vouchers are then packed into individual envelopes by a team of three people to ensure multiple layers of accountability. The envelopes are all then tagged with its own individual serial number that is used for tracking during postal delivery. Once delivered, the recipients are required to contact the office to confirm receival. The team then double checks the delivery via the postal delivery tracking system.

This system was designed with the several priorites in mind. The safety of volunteers and recipients against the pandemic, most efficient use of resources and most importantly, empowering the recipients with the dignity of choice.

PEMULIH Programme

3,193 constituents helped
(RM 300,000)

Due to the continuous lockdown by the Federal Government, many households struggled to provide for their families due to the nature of the their jobs that requires them to go out of their homes. Thankfully, the Federal Government decided to distribute RM300,000 to each parliamentary contituency to be spent on food baskets with specific items in each boxes with a limit of RM100 each. This program is targeted to reach 3,000 recipients in each parliamentary constituency.

Wong Chen and team managed to negotiate the food boxes for RM85.60 each and distributed the logistically challenging operation to 1,460 recipients. The task of delivery is however physically challenging, expensive and leaves the delivery volunteers vulnerable to the pandemic. The office complained and managed to get the Federal Government to finally relent for us to distribute cash vouchers instead.

The P104 office has always favoured presenting vouchers instead of physical items as vouchers gives the recipients the dignity of choice and empowers them to take control of their own needs. As the office already had an efficient system to distribute the cash voucher from our previous program in the beginning of the pandemic, the office immediately purchased 1,733 sets of cash vouchers worth RM100 each. These vouchers were distributed via the postal delivery system that only costed RM2,088 for 1,733 vouchers compared to the RM13,136.00 cost for 1,460 food boxes food boxes.

Wong Chen and team managed to optimise the RM300,000 to reach more than the initial 3,000-recipient target to 3,193 people in need. This number is however still very small compared to the 480,000 population of Subang.

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