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Member of Parliament for Subang.






Bantuan Bencana Banjir Parlimen Subang (2021-2022)

2,026 Households reached

Subang Jaya and Kinrara suffered a catastrophic flood on 18th December 2021. Wong Chen immediately disbursed RM25,000 to three mosques and one community centre that acted as temporary flood shelters for those whose whouses were flooded. Wong Chen and team spent the whole of December 2021 gathering data on the number of households in Taman Kinrara Seksyen 1 & 2 that were affected by the floods.

In January 2022, Phase 1 of the flood relief program began and RM413,600 was disbursed to 1,033 recipients, 563 via bank transfer and 470 via cheques.

On the 7th of March 2022, Subang was hit once again by a flash flood. The P104 office, in two teams, went down to the ground to assess the extent of the damage of the flood in the affected areas: one went to check on the riverbanks and the other to the affected houses.

In March 2022, Phase 2 post-flood aid consisted of RM300 to 993 household recipients totalling RM297,900. All in all, this brings the post-flood aid in Phase 1 and 2 to a total of RM711,200 covering 2,026 households.

Bantuan Baucar Tunai

262 Vouchers Distributed

262 cash vouchers worth RM200 each were distributed to poor households that were affected by the flood whose food supplies for the month were damaged by the flood. These vouchers were courtesy of IJM Corporations.

Flood Mitigation Projects

Earth Bunds at Taman Perindustrian, USJ 1 & Kinrara Court 

18 December 2021

Continuous rain for 3 days. Resulted in major flooding.

7 March 2022

Flash flood occured.

11 March 2022

Site visit to flood affected areas with JPS and private sector expert. 

15 March 2022

Proposal Preparation: Flood mitigation proposal prepared by JPS.

22 March 2022

Submission of Proposal:
Submitted the proposal to the Minister of Environment & Water.

25 March 2022

Project Approval:
Minister of Environment & Water approved both Earth Bund projects at Taman Perindustrian, USJ 1 (length: 1.5km) and Kinrara Court, Taman Kinrara (length: 280m).

7 April 2022

Tender Process begins via Open Tender.

15-18 May 2022

Contractor Appointment:
i) 15 May: Kinrara Court, Taman Kinrara
ii) 18 May: Taman Perindustrian, USJ 1

18 May 2022

Kinrara Court, Taman Kinrara project begins.

1 June 2022

Taman Perindustrian, USJ 1 project begins.

30 October 2022

Project Status:
Kinrara Court, Taman Kinrara (100% Complete)
Taman Perindustrian, USJ 1 (100% Complete)


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